Priviledges for Applicant

1. Installments up to 5 years

Uni Arc Co., Ltd. cooperates with 3 financial institutions to provide longest solution for installments up to 5 years.

2. Low interest rate between 2-4%

Low interest rate between 2-4% per year, is our best rate for hire purchase industrial robot nowadays. (The interest rate will depend on consideration from the financial institution.)

3. Down payment 10% only

You can own and use industrial robot immediately with minimal down payment only 10% of the total price. The fastest you implement, the more benefits you gain.

4. Take good care by authorized distributor

With our expertise for 15 years and sales almost 1000 robots, after sales, your robot can be used up to 10 years of its lifetime.

5. Free labor of standard maintenance program for the first 3 years

Special privileges for program participants will receive free labor cost of standard period check and maintenance program for the first 3 years worth 10,000 baht.